Sangamon County Judges


Circuit Judges

Honorable Ryan M. Cadagin, Chief Judge of the 7th Circuit
 and Presiding Circuit Judge Sangamon County
Honorable  Gail L. Noll
Honorable Adam Giganti
Honorable Raylene DeWitte Grischow
Honorable Ryan M. Cadagin
Judge Grischow Standing Order
Judge Cadagin Standing Order
Judge Grischow Remote Hearing Instructions
Honorable Robin Schmidt
Standing Order on Discovery CMC File  
Pretrial Order  

Associate Judges

Honorable Rudolph M. Braud Jr.
Honorable Jack Davis Jr.
Honorable Matthew Maurer
Honorable Jennifer M. Ascher
Honorable Christopher G. Perrin
Honorable Dwayne Gab
Honorable Karen Tharp


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